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Selling Your Gun

Whether you're selling a single firearm or a full gun collection, putting your guns on consignment with Central Treasures is a great decision.  


As a licensed Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder with more than 38 years of experience in collecting firearms, we have the tools, knowledge and contacts available to provide you the best service possible.

Consigning your firearms to sell at auction is very easy. Central Treasures offers a number of options to fit your needs and personal situation, reassuring you that your firearms are safeguarded and processed in a trustworthy and legal manner. 

The acquisition of your firearm/s can be conducted by any of the following methods:

  • Guns may be dropped off directly at our shop. Please call to coordinate drop-off.

  • Guns may be picked up directly from you by a Central Treasures employee.  We serve all of Texas for full collections.  Please call today to schedule your personal pick up.

  • Firearms may be shipped to us directly by a traceable service such as Fedex or UPS.  Please call for details.


We accept auction consignments on all types of firearms and shooting accessories, including:

  • antique guns

  • modern firearms

  • military firearms

  • rifles

  • pistols (automatic and revolvers)

  • shotguns

  • black powder (percussion and flintlock)

  • single firearms or whole collections

  • estate collections

  • firearms trusts

  • firearms accessories (holsters, magazines/clips, grips, parts)

  • ammunition (modern, vintage and antique)

I have a firearm I would like to sell.  What are my options?
As a Federal Firearms License (FFL) gun dealer, Central Treasures has the ability to accept both personal consignments and consignments through an estate.  The following options are available for your consideration:

  • consign the gun for Central Treasures to sell in an online auction;

  • consign the gun for Central Treasures to sell outright on your behalf through other venues at local gun shows that Central Treasures attends or through a network of local gun collectors looking for specific; or

  • in select circumstances, Central Treasures may offer to purchase the firearm directly from you (single firearms or whole collections)


Is there a limit on the number of firearms I consign?

No. There’s no limit on the number of firearms a person may consign. Central Treasures will gladly take a single firearm or whole collection.

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