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New Hibid User Information

If you're new to Central Treasures or the Hibid platform, we're glad you're planning to participate in this auction! Below are two details to keep in mind while bidding:

  • Bids are binding – If you bid on an item and you end up as the winning bidder when the item closes in the auction, you are required to pay for and pick the item up or arrange for shipping.

  • Buyer's premiums – It is an industry standard for online auctions to add a percentage to the winning bid amount, which typically ranges from 12 to 18 percent. At Central Treasures, the buyer’s premium is a flat 13 percent whether you pay by cash or card.  We do not charge you extra for using a credit card.

Please enter your email below as confirmation that you understand and agree to these terms of participation in a Central Treasures online auction.

Thank you for confirming!

*Hibid assigns a reputation score to every bidder who registers on its platform. A new bidder has a score of zero. This score can increase up to a score of 100, based on the bidder's activity of bidding and paying for items won in any auction run through the Hibid platform. This score also can decrease to a -100, based on any issues with a bidder not paying for items they've won.

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