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I'd like to make an offer on the below guns.

Please refer to the original terms on firearms sale information and regulations from our auction that closed May 30. The offers below are not binding for you as the buyer or for the seller in accepting an offer until payment of the offer plus the 16% buyer's premium (3% cash discount) and applicable sales tax has been made. If you are providing offers on multiple guns and make the highest offer on more than one gun, we will contact you to discuss if you would like to move forward with one or all offers made below. If you decide to remove an offer at that time, we will present the seller with the next highest offer on that gun for consideration. For images and information on the guns listed below, refer to the email sent that brought you to this page or visit the auction that closed May 30 and search by listed lot number.

Deadline for best offers is Monday, June 10 at 7 p.m. (CST)

Thank you for submitting your best offers on these unmet reserve guns! We will present offers to the seller and be back in contact with you if the seller accepts your offer on a gun.

Central Treasures

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